Organ Builders who worked in Paris

Builders of whom still work has been preserved

builder years information instruments
(still existing)
Jacques Pigache     Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs (new) 1572
Jan Langhedul xxxx-1592 Jan arrived in Paris in 1585
Family: Victor (died 1513) - Michiel the elder - Jan - Matthijs
Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas (new) 1587
Matthijs Langhedul xxxx-1636 Worked in Paris 1599-1605, came from Spain. St Gervais (new)
Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas (maintenance)
Crespin Carlier 1560-1638 At the beginning of French classical organ building (together with Matthijs Langhedul); worked first in Southern Netherlands St Nicolas des Champs (with Pierre Thierry)
Valéran de Héman 1584-1641 Pupil of Crespin Carlier (father-in-law) Notre Dame (maintenance)
Francois, Jean and Louis de Héman (cousins) 1608-1652, 1603-1660, 1601-1644 assoiated with Jacques Lefèvre, Pierre Désenclos (xxxx-1668), Pierre Cauchois (xxxx-1667) St-Médard (new)
St-Merry (new)
St.Etienne-du-Mont (maintenance)
Pierre Pescheur 1590-1637 Pupil of father Nicolas Pescheur (xxxx-1616) and of De Héman St-Gervais
St Etienne-du-Mont
Pierre Thierry 1604-1665 Pupul of De Héman, successor of Carlier St Gervais
Notre Dame
St Nicolas des Champs (with Carlier)
Alexandre Thierry 1646-1699 Son of Pierre Thierry
Leading organ builder during this era
St Louis des Invalides (new)
St Victor (now St Germain des Pres)
St Jacques-du-Haut-Pas (reconstruction)
Notre Dame
Francois Ducastel   pupil of De Héman
associate of Alexandre Thierry
St-Laurent, new, by son Hypolite (xxxx-1700)
Notre Dame (avec Alexandre Thierry)
Francois Thierry 1677-1749 Cousin and pupil of Alexandre Thierry;
works in Paris mainly done by pupil Francois Henri Lesclop (xxxx-1753)
Notre Dame
Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet (new)
Robert Clicquot 1645-1719 In 1679 from Reims to Paris;
partner of Alexandre Thierry
Leading organ builder during 1700-1720
Chapelle de Versailles
Jean-Baptiste Clicquot 1678-1746 Son of Robert; worked mainly in province  
Nicolas Collard xxxx-1761   St-Médard 1725;
St-Merry 1719/1736
Julien Tribuot   Worked together with Robert Clicquot St Louis des Invalides 1693
St Etienne-du-Mont 1717
Claude Ferrand xxxx-1763   St Séverin (new) 1748
Jean Bessart xxxx-1720   Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas 1687 (maintenance)
Notre Dame (1699)
Louis Bessart xxxx-1764   St Gervais (maintenance) 1758
Louis-Alexandre Clicquot 1684-1760 Son of Robert, larger projects when his son Francois-Henri joined him. St Roch (new)
St Nicolas des Champs (reconstruction)
Francois-Henri Lesclop xxxx-1753   Notre-Dame-des-Victoires (new) 1739
St-Roch (new) 1756
Francois-Henri Clicquot 1732-1790 Son of Louis-Alexandre; invented the hautbois (according to himself) St Roch, St Germain de l'Auxerrois, St Nicolas des Champs, St-Leu-St-Gilles, St-Médard, St-Laurent, Notre-Dame, St-Gervais (reconstruction), St Sulpice (master-work), St-Thomas-d'Aquin (new), St-Etienne-du-Mont, St-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet
Claude-Francois Clicquot 1762-1801 Mainly rebuilding of organs damaged during the revolution St Eustache, St-Jacques-du-haut-pas, St Merry
Pierre Dallery 1735-1812 Employee of FH Clicquot St Roch, St Germain de l'Auxerrois, St Nicolas des Champs, St Merry
Pierre-Francois Dallery 1764-1833 Son of Pierre, pupil of FH Clicquot Notre Dame
Louis-Paul Dallery 1797-1870 Son of PF
last representative of the French classical organ building
Sorbonne (new)
Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle (new)
St Germain de l'Auxerrois, St Nicolas des Champs, Notre-Dame
Jean-Antoine Somer 1750-1830 From Dijon; in 1820 associated with Louis Callinet
mainly rebuilding of organs damaged during the revolution
St.Germain-des-Prés, St. Louis des Invalides
1831-1855 Daublaine-Callinet company was founded in 1830-1831 by the Abt Jean-Louis Cabias. In 1834 André Marie Daublain joined as co-founder of the Daublaine et Cie company. Merged with Louis Callinet (1786-1846) in 1838.
Louis Callinet (1786-1846) was a pupil and cousin of Francois Callinet and pupil of PF Dallery; in 1820 associated with JA Somer. He joined in 1838 with Daublaine. Félix Danjou became commercial director in 1839; in 1841 Charles Spackman Barker became director of operations; in 1845 Pierre Alexandre Ducroquet became the only owner; in 1855 the company was bought by Joseph Merklin.
Daublaine-Callinet was the leading organbuilder during 1835-1840; Cavaillé-Coll and Merklin took over this role after 1840.
St Denis du Saint Sacrement
St Eustache
Marie-Antoine-Louis Suret 1807-1860 From Daublaine-Callinet; in 1838 own company St Laurent (reconstruction)
St Elisabeth 1853 (new)
Jean-Baptiste Stoltz
Brothers Stoltz
1813-1874 (Jean-Baptiste)
18xx-1897 (Edouard)
18xx-1910 (Eugene)
After the dead of dood Jean-Baptist in 1874 'Brothers Stoltz' (Eugène et Edouard); in 1897 taken over by Mutin. St Joseph des Nations
St Germain des Prés
Charles Spackmann Barker 1807-1879 Born in Bath, invented the famous Barker-machine, which he brought to France in 1837. Worked initially with Cavaillé-Coll, became co-director of the Daublaine-Callinet firm in 1841, started his own company in 1858, left France for Dublin in 1870. St Eustache, St Pierre de Montrouge, St Augustin
Aristide Cavaillé-Coll 1811-1899 Main builder in the 19th century Dozens of organs in the area of Paris
Joseph Merklin 1819-1905 Of German origin. Founded a company in Brussels in 1843 and a second place of business in Paris in 1855, acquiring the broken Daublaine-Ducroquet company.
Main competitor of Cavaillé-Coll.
In 1899 taken over by his employee Joseph Gutschenritter.
St Eugène-St-Cécile (new)
St Laurent, St Germain de l'Auxerrois, St Eustache (reconstructions)
and many others
Charles Mutin 1861-1931 Employee of Cavaillé-Coll, took over the company after the dead of Cavaillé-Coll in 1898 ('Manufacture d'Orgues Cavaille-Coll Mutin'). He was suceeded by Auguste Convers in 1924. In 1931, the 'Société fermière des Etablissements Cavaillé-Coll' was constitued, which merged in 1933 with the Pleyel piano company to the 'Maison Cavaillé-Coll - Pleyel' (till 1939/1954). During the years 1931-1934, Joseph Beuchet was director. Scola cantorum
and many others
  Louis Debierre (1841-1920). Company taken over by Georges Gloton (1876-1955) in 1919. In 1934, a Parisian branch was opened. In 1947 grandson Joseph Beuchet (1904-1970) became head of the company (Jacques Picaud was the head of the Paris branch). In 1970 his son Joseph takes over. The firm is closed in 1980. Debierre: Saint-lambert de Vaugirard (1901), chapelle des missions étrangères (beginning of 20th century)
Gloton-Debierre: Saint-Esprit
Beuchet-Debierre: nouvelle église Notre-dame-de-grâce-de-Passy (1965), chapelle Notre-dame-du-bon-conseil (1966), Saint Marcel (1967) and many restorations.

Victor Gonzalez
Employee of Cavaillé-Coll and Gutschenritter;
own company from 1929 with his son Fernand; Founder of the neo-clasical style. After his death continued by Georges Danion (1956-1979) and from 1979 onwards Dargassies. In 1980 George Danion founded a new company Manufacture Languedocienne de Grandes Orgues, which has been conitnued after his retirement in 1998 by Charles-Emmanuel Sarélot.
Oratoire du Louvre (new)
'restaurations':St Nicolas des Champs, St Vincent de Paul, St Gervais, Ste Madeleine
Bernard Dargassies *1954 employee of S.A. Gonzalez
own company in 1979
Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours (new)
Ste.Clotilde (restoration and enlargement)
many other organs (maintenance/enlargements), e.g. Saint-Merry, Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, Sainte-Marguerite, Sainte-Marie des Batignolles, St. Joseph des Nations, Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Belleville, Saint-Louis des Invalides, Saint-Augustin, Saint-François Xavier.
Boisseau family   Robert
Notre-Dame 1964 (Robert)
Bertrand Cattiaux *1955 pupil of Jean-Loup Boisseau
1980 partner of Jean-Loup Boisseau
1998 Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux
St. Denis
Notre-Dame (1992,2012/13)
Chapelle Royale Versailles