Schola Cantorum

The building

Since 1900, the school is housed in a former English-Benedictine convent, built in 1674-1677.

The organ

The organ is built by Mutin in 1902 and placed in the old chapel of the convent, which was transformed into a concert-hall.
During 1960-1967, the Beuchet company carried out major works:
- the Barker machine was replaced by electrical traction
- GO: transformation of the Flûte octaviante 4 into a Flûte douce 4; the Trompette was replaced by a Doublette
- Récit: transformation of the Flûte traversière into a Flûte douce 8 and the Flûte octaviante 4 into a Flûte douce 4
- Positif: Salicional 8 replaced by a Principal 4; Clarinette and Cromorne were reharmonised
- Pedal: Bombarde 16 was replaced by the Trompette 8 from the GO
In 1987, Barberis added a Plein jeu IV on the GO and the Flûte douce 4 of the Récit was transformed again into a Flûte octaviante.
In 1997, works were done by Dargassies.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1902 - Charles Mutin 1967 - Beuchet
1987 - Dargassies 
1997 - Dargassies
1997 - Dargassies

III/31 (27 rëels) - Electrical traction (keyboards, stops), mechanical traction (pedal)

Professeur d'orgue: Jean-Paul Imbert
Famous teachers in the past: Alexandre Guilmant, Vincent d'Indy, Maurice and Marie-Madeleine Durufle, Jean-Jacques Grunenwald, Louis Vierne, Jean Langlais.
Famous students: Maurice Duruflé, Jean-Jacques Grunenwald, Jean Langlais, Daniel Lesur, Olivier Messiaen, Déodat de Séverac, Louis Vierne…

Concerts: seldomly


Videos which demonstrate the diferent faces of this organ:
L-N Clérambault Suite du 2ème ton (extraits)
Alexandre Guilmant Marche sur un thème de Haendel
Jean-Jacques Grünenwald: Grave
Marcel Labey Offertoire
Pierre Cochereau Improvisations sur les versets de vêpres - I
Pierre Cochereau Improvisations sur les versets de vêpres - IV
Narcis Bonet: Choral