Temple protestant du Foyer de l'Âme

The Church

This church was built in 1907.

The organ

The organ was built in 2009 by Blumenroeder of Haguenau, with conservation of the case of the former organ of Mutin (1907). Its stops were copied from German originals of the 18th century. It was primarily constructed for the accompaniment of the cantatas, which are performed each month in this church. Its pitch is 415 Hz, and it is tuned in an uneven Germanic inspired temperament.
The former Mutin organ - already severely altered by Haerpfer in 1966 - is now in Blumenroeder's workshop near Strasbourg. Two Mutin stops were used in the new organ: Flûte and Montre (but reharmonised).

Main builder History Latest restauration
2009 - Blumenroeder    

II/321- Mechanical traction

Titulaires: Freddy Eichelberger, Frederic Rivoal, Elisabeth Geiger and Nicole Gigliotti.

Concerts: regularly
Service with organ: sunday 10.30AM